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Transcribed from letter:


Dear Dr. Ende,


Thank you for the flawless work that you performed on my eyelids.  People used to tell me all the time that I looked so tired.  But now, thanks to you, I no longer get those comments.  I was nervous to have my first ever cosmetic procedure, but I felt very comfortable in your hands.  I love putting on my eye make up now, and I only wish I had done this sooner.                          -M


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Transcribed from review on Citysearch.com with permission:


I completely lost the hair on top of my head about 20 years ago and have had slightly more hair loss around the edges over the past few years.  I chose Dr. Ende because I know that I needed a lot of hair put back up there which they call a mega session.  Dr. Ende and his team worked on me all day and I ended up with over 3100 hair grafts which I was told is almost 7000 actual hairs.  I was afraid to end up like Joe Biden, but the hairs started growing in August and it looks completely natural.  I’m going back in 3 months for followup and will schedule another transplant so it looks even thicker.


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The best part of the experience without a doubt was being in the hands of Dr. Ende. I never expected my neck to look so smooth and didn't realize how that alone changes my face. My face too looks unquestionably younger but natural. There is not one visible scar; it's magic (I'm wearing a ponytail now!)…….
Without hesitation I recommend this office for the finest care and professional results.

I have always been self conscious about my high forehead, but I didn't know there was any surgery that could lower it. I also knew I needed a forehead lift to address the hooded appearance of my upper eyes. One day I typed high forehead in Google and came upon the hairline lowering procedure with forehead lift. With a little more searching, I learned Dr. Ende had co-authored research on the hairline lowering procedure. I immediately made an appointment for a consultation. Dr. Ende listened very carefully to all of my concerns and suggested some other procedures, such as a lower eyelid lift and fat transfer to my nasiolabial lines and cheeks, to augment the forehead lowering and forehead lift procedures I requested.

Text Box: I was very nervous to have so many procedures done at once, but I have to say that I had no pain and only minor discomfort for a few        days after the surgery! I didn't even have to take any pain medication. Within three weeks, no one could tell I had surgery. My hair is     growing back nicely, through and in front of the incision in my hairline, just as Dr. Ende said it would. It has only been four months         since my surgery, yet the hairline incision is almost completely faded, I have been able to let my bangs grow out, and most of the        sensation has returned to my scalp. I especially love that the results are soft and subtle, bringing the upper third of my face more in        balance with the lower two thirds. I get constant compliments on my improved appearance, which my family and friends attribute to            my recent retirement and marriage!! I guess I look happy, relaxed and rested!

Text Box: I would, without reservation, highly recommend Dr. Ende! He is an amazing person and an highly skilled surgeon. He really listens to         his patients and is honest and conservative with his recommendations, not promising unrealistic results. If you are realistic and follow          all of Dr. Ende's after care instructions to the letter, you can be assured of excellent results, too.