Facial Plastic Surgery

Skin Resurfacing—CO2 Laser


Mouth and Lips:  The effects of aging include fine lines or "smokers lines" radiating from the lip border. These lines can be the result of smoking, repetitive pursing of the lips, sun exposure, as well as general aging.  Although collagen injections can improve fine lines in this area, patients seeking a more lasting result often choose laser resurfacing.  With this technique, the outer layer of skin is removed with the laser under topical anesthesia.  Typically this area heals in one week, and fine lines are improved.  Makeup can be used after one week to disguise the redness, which can take several weeks to subside.  Please see the link below for Dr. Ende’s book chapter on this topic.

Click here for Dr. Ende’s Lip Article


Eyes:  Facial aging typically results in fine lines or tissue paper appearance of the skin underneath the eyelids.  Although some surgeons may choose to excise skin in this area to tighten it, this technique can unfortunately lead to a pulled or rounded eyelid appearance.  Dr. Ende prefers to perform laser resurfacing in this area, similar to his techniques around the mouth.  This allows for improvement of the fine lines without the risk of lower eyelid pulling or rounding.


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