Facial Plastic Surgery

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Lip Lift and Lip Enhancement




In certain cases the soft tissues around the lips can be advanced by creating flaps. This results in more of the red lip showing. These procedures will not work on everyone and scars must be hidden along the base of the nose. Older patients with a long upper lip ("white lip") and short vermillion ("red lip") are good candidates for the subnasal lip lift.  Temporary options for lip enhancement with Fat, Juvéderm®, and Restylane® are also available.  A copy of Dr. Ende's textbook chapter on this topic is available by clicking on the link below.  Dr. Ende was a clinical trial investigator for Juvéderm® in 2007.  Dr. Ende assisted in the clinical trial design and performed lip injections with Juvéderm for lip enhancement to obtain FDA approval for the product.


Click here for Dr. Ende’s Lip Article


             Before Subnasal Lip Lift                                                                           2 years after Lip Lift

Upper Lip Enhancement with Juvederm