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Hairline Lowering, Philadelphia, PA and  Manhattan, New York

Hairline Lowering

Dr. Ende is also highly skilled in hairline lowering, a technique that he learned, perfected, and published with the surgeon who originated it.  Dr. Ende is one of a handful of surgeons from around the world skilled in this procedure, which is becoming extremely popular.  Hairline lowering is meant for patients with high hairlines, more than 8 centimeters from their brow.  Ordinarily two sessions of follicular unit hair transplantation would be necessary to achieve the results of one hairline lowering.  Dr. Ende uses a special two-step incisional technique to allow for hairs to regrow through the scar making it virtually unnoticeable.  This procedure is a great option for patients who have worn bangs their entire life to disguise their high hairlines.  The hairline is lowered to a position that achieves facial harmony.  Young and old patients of Dr. Ende often describe a life-long concern with their high hairlines, and are pleasantly surprised to find out that this procedure exists.  A brow lift can also be performed at the same time if desired.


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Philadelphia, PA

Before and After Standard Hairline Lowering and Chin Implant

Before and After Standard Hairline Lowering