Facial Plastic Surgery

Endoscopic Brow and Forehead Lift and Open Brow Lift

Forehead and brow lifts are procedures used to alleviate drooping eyebrows and diminish forehead wrinkles and frown lines. With these techniques, incisions are hidden within or behind the hairline and the excess skin is removed, hiding the scar.  Most patients are candidates for an endoscopic brow lift procedure, which is a newer and less invasive approach to the traditional technique. Several smaller incisions placed just behind the hairline are used to elevate the droopy skin and address the brow muscles. Special biologic glues(BioGlue®) and/or absorbable implants (Endotines®) or sutures are often used by Dr. Ende to allow for healing of the correct brow position without visible scars.  This allows Dr. Ende to avoid placing metal screws through your skull.

      Right brow lower than left brow                                                    After right brow lift